ALC201 Module 2 – Online Dating Trap

Critical Reflection

After watching meLecture, Study notes and doing some research of the topic I came out with an idea of using Online Dating Trap’ as my topic of present since I noticed that there are many people in the world fall into this trap and it is happening all the time. Thus, I come out an idea of discussing this topic and hope that people can be aware of this as I mentioned in the video, you never know when it comes and you never want to be the one. And I hope that this message can bring to all the viewers and raise their awareness and hope they could be smart internet users.

In the creation of the video, in my point of view, I treat this video is a kind of Vlog, therefore, I would like to use a rather funny way to present my ideas instead of simply presenting my ideas like a presentation. In such way, viewers can feel more fun and they could remember the points and message in an easier and funny way. To make it more fun, I watch some Youtubers’ Vlog and observe the way how they present their ideas. And since this is the very first time for me to make a video, I also watch some tutorials on Youtube before I start my work. In the creation of content, I simply draw out my content of ‘What is an Online Dating?’, ‘What are the advantages?’, some news regarding online dating, statistics showing what kinds of people uses online dating services and last but not least advices on using online dating services. After figuring out the things I would like to mention in the video I start research on the related content and finally I found all the relevant stuffs and I start to write my script.

The way I used to drew my reading and further scholarly research to inform my video in mainly divided into 2 ways. The first method is simply speaks it out and saying according to whom. This method is for quoting some words and phrases from some articles. Since people are watching Vlog, I don’t think it is a good way to show them the quotation as I think they do not want to see too much wordings while watching the video. And therefore, I choose this way to present my research work. The second way is to screen capture the statistics from my research. Since it is quite hard to descript a statistics, using images will be easier to send the message to viewers. It is also used for showing the header of new article to viewers, since the wording of the news isn’t too long with about 10 words; I believe that viewers would accept reading this length of reading while watching the video.

Lastly, the challenges I faced and what I learn. For the challenges part I am choosing video making for sure. Since it is my first time to create a video, this is a big challenge for me, for example, I plan to insert an image to my video while I was talking. So I quickly search from Youtube to find tutorials so that I can insert images to my video. And for what I learn from this exercise, of course a new software. I learn how to use iMovie on Mac to create new videos and also I learn more by researching online dating trap. By researching online dating traps, apart from the viewers, I also learn more from my original knowledge, for example, how can we protect ourselves from knowing new friends online, statistics of online dating and some advantages of using online dating services.

(word counts – 616)


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